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"Give me a lever long enough
and a fulcrum strong enough,
and I could move the world."
- Archimedes

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Curve – Corners for Drywall™ are the simplest and fastest way to produce smooth, tight radius corners for walls and ceilings.  These curved corners are produced using Fulcrum’s patented technology for curved sandwich panels. 
We offer 90 degree internal and external corners and 180 degree bull nose sections for finishing the ends of stud walls.  These panels, used in combination with conventional drywall offer multiple benefits:

  • Improved room aesthetics
  • Eliminates cleaning dead-spots
  • Increases corner insulation
  • Reduces paint chipping on corners
  • Eases traffic

The panels are not intended to replace drywall, rather they are a complimentary addition to be used with drywall and installed in almost exactly the same way.  See drywall brochure.

We get it! – Baseboard trim around curves is a pain. To simplify things we offer a range of preformed curved wood corner pieces that match the curvature of our panels. See base trim brochure. Even easier than convention trim – no miters to cut.

Our curved panels offer many environmental benefits including: reduced chips & dings, added insulation, low weight, space saving, reduced job site scrap.

Floating butt joints is always a pain and sometimes is just unacceptable.  In order for our curved panels to match up to factory edges we had to develop an easy means of creating a tapered edge.  The result was our EZ-Taper system.  Turns out it works just as well with drywall as it does while we are manufacturing our curved panels.  If you don’t want to float butts give it a try. It is an easy way to create a taper on the edge of a board and unlike other systems allows the joint to be on the stud. 

Drywallers Rock! So many people liked our T-Shirts that we had to make them available. Click on the link to get yours.

For pricing, local availability, suggestions or requests for non-standard sizes please contact us at


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Tangent TM - Modular, Reconfigurable Curved Display Walls
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