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"Give me a lever long enough
and a fulcrum strong enough,
and I could move the world."
- Archimedes

Through a unique thermoplastic pultrusion process FULCRUM™ technology offers the combination of high mechanical properties with excellent toughness and damage tolerance for structural applications. The thermoplastic matrix provides greater design freedom, allowing profiles to be post-formed and over-extruded. FULCRUM offers many environmental advantages including elimination of VOC emissions and ability to be recycled.

Strength & Stiffness
Design Freedom

physical properties comparison

To facilitate the rapid development of applications we offer a wide range of design and development services including computer modeling, finite element analysis, small runs, process development and broad alliances with other processors


FULCRUM™ Thermoplastic Composites are produced from an engineering thermoplastic polyurethane (ETPU) matrix using the patented FULCRUM Technology process. FULCRUM Technology has no volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and can produce solid and hollow profiles using pultrusion techniques. FULCRUM Composite materials typically have high strength and stiffness, greater toughness, and better damage tolerance than most thermoset materials. Additionally, FULCRUM Composites can be produced at higher speeds with greater design freedom than typical pultrusion processes. And, scrap material from FULCRUM Composites can be recycled and used in other thermoplastic processes.

• download the Fulcrum Materials Properties Data Sheet

• download the Fulcrum Chemical Resistance Data Sheet

Selected Properties. Please see Literature for complete property data.

Test Method
Strip (2)
Rod (3)
Glass Content (4) - 76% 66%
Flexural Strength ASTM D 790 (strip)
ASTM D 4476 (rod)
167,000 psi (1,150 MPa) 152,000 psi (1,050 MPa)
Notched Izod Impact ASTM D 256 79 ft-lb/in (4,200 J/m) 77 ft-lb/in (4,100 J/m)
Tensile Strength ASTM D 3039 145,000 psi (1,000 MPa) -
Tensile Elongation ASTM D 3039 2.2% -
Compressive Strength ASTM D 695 - 63,800 psi (440 MPa)
Compressive Elongation ASTM D 695 - 1.5%



Technical Literature

Standard Profiles Data Sheet
Custom Shapes Data Sheet
Technology Brochure
Material Properties
Chemical Resistance


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Custom Shapes
Panel Products