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"Give me a lever long enough
and a fulcrum strong enough,
and I could move the world."
- Archimedes

Fulcrum Product List

Threaded Products
Tangent TM - Modular, Reconfigurable Curved Display Walls
Curved Panels for Drywall
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Fulcrum Composites produces sandwich panels utilizing our proprietary Micro-Comb™ foam core. Micro-Comb™ is a high-performance, light-weight, thermoplastic foam core offering an unmatched level of price/performance. We match the core to the optimal skin material to meet the requirements of each application. (For example - plywood for low cost, FRP for corrosion resistance, high-pressure laminate for decorative applications, etc.)

Fulcrum Composites proprietary panel forming technology also enables production of curved and bent panels with continuous skins and core. This breakthrough technology allows panel configurations impossible with previous lamination techniques.

Find out more about Micro-Comb™ panels at the following events:

March 25, 2008
SPE Technical Conference
“Composites On The Move”
National Composite Center, Dayton, OH

April 1-3, 2008
JEC International Composites Show
Paris, France
Hall 1 – Booth D48

May 17-20, 2008
International Contemporary Furniture Fair
New York, NY
Booth 2354





Technical Literature

Threaded Profiles Data Sheet
Tangent TM - Modular, Reconfigurable Curved Display Walls
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